sushi village
How Sushi is made at Sushi Village...

1. Sushi Village imports fish from around the globe – famous BC salmon and local tuna from Canada’s West Coast, octopus from Japan and sometimes South Africa or India, hirame from the East Coast of Canada, and fresh snapper and prawns from Vancouver.

2. Some of the fish is “fresh/frozen” and some is fresh! It is brought up to Whistler twice a week to ensure inventories are fresh, and more often when demand dictates (or something extra special has been caught). The sushi chefs make regular visits to Vancouver to inspect the imported fish.

3. Only the best pieces of fish are selected and carefully cut by the sushi chefs at Sushi Village.

4. Sushi chefs in training take care of the important job of cooking the rice (if they were training as chefs in Japan, they would work at perfecting this task for up to three years). Sushi Village uses short grain California sticky rice as Japanese rice cannot be imported into Canada.

5. After carefully washing the rice until the milky-white liquid turns relatively clear (if you’re making sushi at home, this is the most important step), the rice is cooked in a rice cooker, left to cool, and then sprinkled with rice wine vinegar. It’s now ready to be transformed into sushi (pieces of fish on top of rice), sashimi (fish alone), or rolls (fish and vegetables rolled in rice and seaweed paper).

6. The sushi chefs at Sushi Village, under the watchful eye of the restaurant patrons, then create works of art with fish and rice combinations. If you have the opportunity to sit at the sushi bar, ask one of the chefs to recommend one of his favourite combinations. You won’t be disappointed.