sushi village
Miki Homma - owner of Sushi Village WhistlerThe year was 1984...
Whistler Resort at the time was barely more than a random collection of chairlifts, cheap land and a new concept pedestrian village built on an old garbage dump. But there was a vision. And there was snow. Lots of snow.

Three Vancouver-restaurant workers, Mikito Homma, Koji Shimizu, and Toshi Saito became friends while working together. They decided to trek up to Whistler in the winter of 1984 to check out the skiing that they were hearing so much about. It was Koji’s first time on skis, and he was hooked. They all were. The men essentially never left Whistler after that first trip. One year later in December 1985, Sushi Village opened to fulfil the dream of these three men – to open a world-class sushi restaurant in what would become one of the most popular ski resorts in the world? No, to ski.

Most of their friends and colleagues in Vancouver thought they were crazy. The three men went ahead with their plan regardless. They expected that the restaurant (number six in Whistler) would be busy enough to stay afloat, and make enough money to allow the three of them to live in Whistler and ski.

The three partners were doing something right. They had the right attitude, and the right motivation for success (in Whistler standards). The first winter was REALLY good, and exceeded all expectations. Once the ski season ended though, the summer was slow, REALLY slow. The restaurant almost closed down that Autumn, but the snow began to fall again and the crowds came back. They’ve never looked back.

Mikito, Toshi, and Koji have been welcoming people to Sushi Village ever since, and have been sharing their passions for Japanese cuisine (and skiing) with their patrons. There are three good reasons why Sushi Village is always busy. The food is fresh and delicious, the staff are friendly, and the owners love the restaurant, love Whistler, and love life. And it shows.

(After 17 years in the business Toshi and Koji retired. Sushi Village is now run solely by Mikito).